admin by Kelsey Brown | 15 Sep 2020
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Establish a safe, multi-use, paved path along the popular ” Bridges” 10km loop.

the “bridges” 10 km loop is very popular for running, walking, biking, etc. but the trail along the highway and the hill down to the old bridge is very narrow and unsafe. Most bikes or strollers can’t do the loop without walking on the very busy highway or street and hoping the cars will see you in time to move over or slow down

A safe, off the road, paved pathway along side the highway connecting to the sidewalks through town would be a great improvement to an already very popular loop.

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Brynley Hanson-Wright on 21st Sep 2020

I really like this idea and it would benefit so many people who already use this trail. It would also make for a really awesome potential race loop if we ever wanted to host that kind of event which would be pretty neat!