admin by Michael Maser | 19 Oct 2021
Indigenization,Sustainability & Resilience

Extend the idea of ‘campus’ to include the forest, and engage with it to build sensory intelligence


It’s time to step beyond the built environment and deeply engage with SFU’s real ‘Living Lab’ – it’s surrounding forest environment. The lessons to learn there about sustainability rival or exceed anything served up in a classroom. Local First Nations – who have lived in the region for at least 9K years –  understand this; it’s vital for us to integrate their epistemologies and others to learn these lessons. 

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Idea author Michael Maser on 19th Oct 2021

I just did this through a ‘Bottoms Up!’ barefoot/sockfoot tour I led into the forest last week, with the help of the ‘Mission Possible’ initiative (GPS?). The forest is SFU’s real ‘Living Lab’ and an amazing place to help grow our sensory awareness / intelligence, a crucial act in this time of environmental dis-connection. The tour was very well received by participants.
– Michael Maser (PhD candidate, Faculty of Education)