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Housing Choice,Waste Reduction

Furniture Banks for passing on unwanted quality furniture to families in need.


Furniture is a basic right that not enough Canadians have. At Furniture Bank, we stand up for the right to sit down, to have a true home, and to begin anew. We transform lives by turning houses into homes and empowering the people who live inside.

We are not a typical charity. We fund our furniture donations and employment for at-risk youth and others facing barriers by professionally collecting gently used furniture for a fee, helping our landfills.
Our diverse group of recipients includes women and children escaping abuse, newcomers, refugees, and those who have recently moved beyond homelessness. Regardless of background, they have one thing in common: they need a fresh start. Our furniture donors give it to them, changing their lives and their futures.

A furnished home is a new beginning – a way forward. By providing it, we lead change. We rebuild recipients’ dignity and self-worth and set them on a path toward true independence and a better life.
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