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Give Love to the Glove – at Lost Lake Passive House, White Gold


Ever wondered what happened to all of those lonely single gloves (or toques… or keys, or ….)? Or ever quietly contemplated to yourself how that lonely glove on the ground in front of you could make do as friend for your own lonesome glove, after losing its partner earlier that week?

Then the “Glove Tree” located at the Lost Lake Passivhaus, near the entrance to lost lake trails and valley trail system will provide your answer.

A recent survey of 1000 adults, indicated that 1 in 5 loses or misplaces a personal belonging every week.  Car keys top that list, but we’re guessing gloves are high up there as well.  28% say they look for the item for less than a week before accepting the item as gone forever.  It is estimated that over $5591 is lost per person over a lifetime.

Find a spare glove, then add it to the glove tree!  Lose a glove, then borrow one till next time!  Let it bloom in the Winter! 

Give the glove some love!  Join in our legacy project to add an artistically designed glove tree to the Passivhaus area, together with a small community bench which will encircle it’s base.

This initiative supports our local community and our millions of resort visitors to keep their gloves, who walk / ride / ski by the passive house – offering a single location to find any missing items.  It also aims to reduce waste from all those partner left over gloves that are so often quickly discarded and replaced with another pair.

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Marcia Meszaros on 19th Jun 2017

I think this is a great idea as there are lots of mitts and toques etc propped up on rocks and snow piles waiting for the owner to come back and look.