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Give property rights back to property owners.

Abolish off street parking minimums for all developments except all but the largest public buildings. Here is an excerpt from my article:

We also mentioned that most municipalities put in place requirements on developments to provide off-street parking in virtually all buildings to add supply so that people wouldn’t say that there wasn’t enough parking. This is to prevent parking spillover into the street which would cause congestion. Yet as we explored in Part 1, it is because of two deliberate policy choices: a lack of pricing, and enforcement that there is a problem with parking congestion in the street. These two policy decisions work in concert to ensure that parking is always free for drivers. However, this still doesn’t make it free for everyone. Here are some of the ways that “free parking” causes problems:

 1) It unnaturally inflates the amount of parking that is available, undercutting the amount that property and business owners can charge for parking. This has one main effect: preventing owners from wanting to share parking with non-visitors or non-patrons to their properties.

 2) It prevents property and business owners from using their own property as they see fit.

 3) It spreads out developments which has several side effects:

     a. Increasing energy consumption and thus GHGs

     b. Spreading out developments which makes walking and cycling more difficult

     c. Making public transit less sustainable

     d. Causing our property taxes to be higher than normal because auto infrastructure is expensive and has to be widespread across our regions. [see Part 1: On-street Parking]

 To read more about parking in your town, see:

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