admin by Bonnie Gillis | 1 Jun 2021

Have a Share Shed. A covered, dry space for leaving goods/furniture that residents no longer want.


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Idea author Bonnie Gillis on 1st Jun 2021

When I lived up North, the community I lived in had a Share Shed. It was amazing to have a space where we could take our still-good furniture and other items (toys, gadgets, kitchenware, etc) that we no longer wanted but knew someone might. It was a god-send for me a few times when I needed furniture but couldn’t afford to buy something new. It could be really beneficial for new students who arrive here with nothing to make their apartments feel like a home. And, it could reduce the amount of furniture and other household items that end up left on the curb at the end of every month when tenants leave and don’t know what to do with the things they don’t intend to take with them.