admin by Krystal-Lynn Ness | 7 May 2021
Culture & Creativity,Social Inclusion

Have roaming murals around campus

Have a program where a mural is displayed somewhere on campus and we put out a social media blast with a vague picture of where it is located on campus. Students have to search the campus to find it and when they do they take a picture and post it to social media with a specified # – at the end of a given time people have posted are entered in a draw for a prize of some sort and then the mural is taken down, moved and it starts again. 

Murals could be from student submitted designs (student engagement), a celebration of indigenous artwork, photos of SFU heros (Terry Fox), etc. 

Engages the community to interact with the campus, participate in the program by submitting designs, increases SFU’s social media presence. We could also collaborate with UniverCity to occasionally have murals somewhere within the community. It could also be replicated at all SFU campuses and promote student travel between Surrey, Vancouver and Burnaby.

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