admin by Eric T | 29 Oct 2020
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Have the town lobby MOTI / BC transit to have LRT line linking Swartz bay to Victoria

 Have the line built as a means of transitioning Peninsula communities away from private automobiles and towards shared use and active modes.

This line would be funded using Value Capture areas with altered zoning rules around stations as well as though carbon tax and gas tax revenue.

Current bus routes would be changed to service a few stations on an increased frequency, this would permit smaller  busses to be used on a rib and spine system instead of the current circuitous routes.

This is just an idea and would need to be fleshed out further with input from all peninsula communities / First Nations as well as provincial/ BC transit and federal governments.

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Sierra Pierson on 25th Jan 2021

I have been saying this for years. Sounds like a great idea! Imagine how much easier it would be to travel to and from the mainland as well. Transit is already great on the mainland and having this infrastructure in place here would really facilitate a greener way to travel with less people feeling the need to use their cars for a quick trip to Vancouver. I’m all for it!

BC Transit is currently looking at a “Rapid Bus” system on the peninsula: I realize this isn’t as exciting as an LRT line, given the peninsula’s population and current ridership numbers I think this would be a positive beginning. As happened in Ottawa, where some of their Rapid Bus lines have been converted to LRT, I think the establishment of a dedicated right-of-way for a future LRT is an important step in the process.

Richard FitzZaland on 2nd Nov 2020

I agree with this concept. And I agree that it needs further investigation and development. There may be other routes, such as highway 17, but if we are not having this conversation now, it will never happen. And whatever barriers exist now, will be multiplied in the future. Planning a connector to YYJ should increase the regional appeal, and funding options.

Christina Ball on 2nd Nov 2020

Interesting idea. I’d love to see this come to fruition. A second intersecting route could be set up between UVIC and Langford/Colwood area.

Peter Ireland on 1st Nov 2020

Great idea in theory. The pribkem is that the Lochside rail alignment is now roadway and providing road access to its neighboring properties. Imagine the costs of resolving that!!!

Idea author Eric T on 2nd Nov 2020

Peter, you will note if you look at the map, I wasn’t planning on using the Lochside alignment. Besides, if rail is to be installed, then the road would require rebuilding anyways and if tram trains are used, there would still be roadway access to all properties, which in the urban areas near stations would switch to being more multi-family/commercial anyway.