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Host a “Living Streets” event


This idea is to host what the Victoria Placemaking Network calls a “Living Streets” event. This involves a temporary closure of a street in Victoria (with the knowledge and support of the City) to conduct a car-free event for people to walk, run, roll, play, bike, and dance. These events are for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and aim to create vibrant public spaces, promote active transportation and encourage good health through car-free streets. The Victoria Placemaking Network has prepared the following excellent guide to help you organize your Living Street event:

Living Streets Guide & Resources

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Thanks for posting this! We have Information Sessions coming up October 20 and 23 – details at

Vaalea Darkke
Vaalea Darkke on 30th Sep 2016 has been very successful:
Closed Douglas
Nine blocks from Chatham/Caledonia to Courtney
Four stages with a range of entertainment
Three licensed areas
More than 275 vendors
The Park
Bike valet
One extra hour to explore Car Free YYJ

Another example from Ottawa
2 days, 10 blocks.. from yoga, to art, to film screenings to DJs and bands

Love the resource page that built.