admin by Krystal-Lynn Ness | 7 May 2021
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Host student art gallery display for local high schools and SFU arts students

Invite local high schools to submit student artwork from the year to be put on display at the SFU campus (likely south concourse of AQ3000 near the Art Gallery). Coquitlam Centre has a similar program.

We can have the artwork on display for 1-2 weeks and then on the final day invite students/parents/etc that have participated in the display to campus for a mini gala with small plate food and ‘mock’tails. This would bring the surrounding community to campus and allow prospective students to get a better sense of the campus.

We could host an SFU contemporary/fine arts students gallery as well at the same time or host a similar event for SFU students to celebrate their work and share it with the wider community on campus.

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