admin by Mar Martínez | 26 Sep 2020
Access to daily needs,Green Streets & Public Spaces

Improve accessibility for all people (lower sidewalks, well marked driveways, etc)


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Richard FitzZaland on 1st Oct 2020

Mar is correct, Sidney has a lot of coved sidewalks, but many are so steep that some chairs or scooters hit high center. Many people ride on the street rather than try to negotiate the transition to the sidewalk. The markings for driveways and intersections needs to be maintained, and in a few places, extended to ensure drivers, pedestrians and people in chairs can see each other with enough time to stop.
Idea author Mar Martínez on 1st Oct 2020

I agree.
Also, markings help people with disabilities walk safely – yellow lines help bring attention to certain areas. Example: a youth group with varied special needs were being taught this last summer the rules to walk safely in Sidney. It was brought to my attention that the lack of yellow lines marking driveways in different places hindered progress.
We need to create spaces that integrate everyone’s needs. Creating with compassion and understanding.