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Local Food

Local Food Processing Hub


Commercial Facilities allowing for local food to be processed:
Reuse/Return mason jar canning
Flash freezing
Freeze drying
Food Incubator (ie – of which many small businesses starting up there applied for microloans on Kiva)
Food processed in this facility could partner with other local food box services. (similar to what Lufa Farms does in Montreal)
What do we have in the way of local food growers union/lobbyists?

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Team Wayblaze on 12th Oct 2016

These are great ideas and the economics can be improved if they are set up a shared use facilities where multiple food processors share the same equipment and are just billed for the time that they are using the equipment. There is interesting food business in Vancouver called Commissary Connect that is applying this approach, allowing over 20 food businesses to operate out of of 3500 square foot facility.