admin by Linda Johnson | 12 Oct 2020
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Lower the speed limit along Lochside Dr. to 30 Km./hr.

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The speed limit along Lochside Dr. changes from 30 to 50 Km. /hr at the beginning of the skate  park. This is a very busy park, cycling area, and walkway including the heart walk with several parking areas along the way. In addition, the necessity to make the walkway a one way path due to Covid, pedestrians are forced to walk along the bike lane for a length of road. Cars along here travel at 60-70 km/hr making this very busy stretch a constant hazard to it’s intended purpose. 

Reduced speed limit would greatly enhance the use and safety of this very important entrance to Sidney. 

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Eric T on 21st Oct 2020

I do support it, and would support this if my idea for re-routing the Lochside bike path through Sidney is adopted. That being said, this will have impacts on public transit times as the 72 and possibly the 81 use this route.

J Gifford on 19th Oct 2020

I really support 30 k/h extending to the Weiler crosswalk at least. South of Weiler I think 40 would be OK as there is somewhat less pedestrian traffic.