admin by Steve Smyth | 30 Jan 2018

Make downtown more attractive by cleaning it up, hosting weekly festivals, musicals and art walks


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on 4th Jul 2018

Would be great to have more art in town! Like the murals they have in Rupert – add some life to boring buildings. Also flags and flowers are great additions.
I also like the idea of a totem pole park – even in brolly square – if we could get the surrounding nations to agree to share a space, would be a good way to celebrate first nations
EDWARD PORTER on 26th Feb 2018

Great idea, Steve – sounds like good fun – and reminds me of the “First Fridays” events in San Antonio… While I was there in 2001-2002, the King William neighbourhood became known as an arts “district… In addition to all of the local artists who would open galleries and set up street stalls, a few “anchors” – like the “La Tuna” icehouse and Blue Star (warehouse reno) ( – were the “places” to keep it on the map and grow the idea over time. It’s a very cool place to visit… very authentic/homegrown and successful. I’d be keen to hear ideas of the specific/special places in Terrace where this kind of idea could “stick” and/or grow…