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Make Lakelse a Shared Street


A shared street allows pedestrians, cyclists and cars to share the road, greatly expanding the public realm. Paving materials, street design and street furniture all encourage traffic to slow down. 

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on 4th Jul 2018

Like this idea alot. Love the different materials used on the street

Jules Jelev on 28th Feb 2018

I am not sure traffic and pedestrians can share the same street. However pedestrians only, or cyclists and pedestrians only is a possibility.

Hi Jules, pedestrian, cyclists and traffic can all share the same street so long as it is designed to keep traffic speeds very low, typically by using special paving treatments, street furniture, narrowing the travel lanes etc. This type of street is common in Europe, and in the Netherlands is called a Woonerf (Living street). Check out this example in Brighton, UK.

on 19th Jan 2018

This is a great idea Rob. Where else has this been done?

All over the world, check out these Pinterest examples: