admin by Godfrey Lee | 8 Feb 2021
Green Streets & Public Spaces,Social Inclusion

Make the one-way section of Beacon into pedestrian only and encourage more patio and food truck.

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Les Lee on 16th Feb 2021

this happens in the summer on Thursday evening markets.  Where do you suggest the cars go – down Bevan and Sidney Avenue?  a recipe for congestion.I think food trucks could be at the foot of Beacon or Iroquois park, however, the smell is not appealing to residents of the expensive condos.
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 9th Feb 2021

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John McGowan on 8th Feb 2021

To improve the traffic around the Beacon Avenue pedestrian zone, make Bevan one way Eastbound, and Sidney Avenue one way Westbound.   This would improve traffic flow if corners modified at James White and seventh, and Beacon Ave. and Seventh.