admin by Jane Hunter | 30 Mar 2021
Health & Wellness,Natural Ecosystems

Mental health important, so slow traffic, lower buildings, no gaudy commercial signage, no casinos,


Keep the atmosphere in Sidney, peaceful at the same time as progressive. We don’t need a cityscape downtown core as in Victoria or Vancouver.  This plan gives us a chance to make it personal for everyone, I like the plazas, community gardens, less parking, pedestrian only main street. Smaller businesses rather than malls or big box stores, (we can go to VIctoria easily for that). Since it is largely a retirement and young family community make it friendly to wholesome activities, – festivals, events, medical services, healthy eating, physical activity, arts and performances, entertainment.  Above all avoid casinos, and commercial chain store advertising( bill boards of flashing electronic light) that attract unhealthy activity and mindset. Keep things positive for individuals mentally and physically. Natural environments, cultural activities, education, outdoor sports- all are good for mental health which in turn makes everything safer and everyone feel content.  

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