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Mural competition for student to submit ideas & vote on art submissions to cover campus space

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What is it:Each year, there will be an invitation for all graduates to partake in a mural design competition. The students will submit a description and visual demo of their proposed mural design, and if selected will be offered the opportunity to paint their design on a free space of concrete on the SFU campus. To decide the winner of each year’s mural competition, all mural ideas submissions will be available online to view and around campus so any student can see mural designs that could be implemented on campus. It will be the student body who decides which mural submission – the submission that wins the most votes will win funding and the space to paint their designs. 

Value Proposition: 
Increase campus attachment and spirit amongst students. The murals will help foster a physical sense of belonging and the presence of art will increase mental health and school spirit. By allowing students to be part of the mural selection process, not only do students get to benefit from visually seeing vibrant art around campus, they feel ownership of the outcome and their campus visual appearance. 
Increase student connection through cultural development on SFU campus. The mural competition will create experiences that connect people through art. 
The graduate students who submit mural designs are offered the opportunity to practice their skills, gain exposure, and improve the campus spirit through art. The winner gains confidence, career momentum, and contributes to their campus’ innovation.

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