admin by Theresa Wright | 14 Oct 2020
Green Streets & Public Spaces

New development should not be to the property line & trees should be planted

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Richard FitzZaland on 2nd Nov 2020

There is a new residential building at the south west corner of Third and Henry. Its taller than I would like, but although they built the underground parking right to the property line, the street level first floor is set back with ground floor patios and landscaping. They just removed the trees they had planed and replaced them with bushes, but there are trees on the public land between the sidewalk and the street. The effect is a much more open feeling as you walk down that sidewalk. This is also enhanced by the sidewalk that runs next to the building on the south border with the neighboring property. Again, providing this space for planting, air and light changes the whole feeling of this development. As an example. And I think its ok for us to expect some trees and accommodation to the environment and the neighbors on private property. I note that in Saanich (I think) they are reducing the restrictions and easing the permitting process for laneway housing in order to increasing housing availability. But the exception is where someone wants to put a secondary unit in their front yard. This is a recognition that we do share our neighborhoods and we can have an impact on the property value and quality of life of our neighbors, and even though its our private property, we live in a community where there needs to be some accommodation to the needs of others. When private property rights take sole priority, without consideration of others, we all live with the consequences.

Eric T on 17th Oct 2020

As Sidney densifies, I think we need to use both public and private space more effectively. I agree that more trees need to be planted but I think that the public realm is the primary place for trees and that private property owners should be permitted to do with their land what they choose. Having set in stone setbacks is wasteful and creates both conspicuous consumption and higher housing costs.

Idea author Theresa Wright on 14th Oct 2020

New town home developments should have more green space ie small yards & more trees. Apartments should have more green space & trees need to be planted. Sidney is loosing it’s beautiful green look. As development progresses trees are disappearing & not being replaced

Hi Theresa, thanks for this feedback! Can you point out an “ideal” townhouse project in Sidney, as well as one that you think doesn’t provide enough green space?