admin by Sandy Jmaiff | 22 Sep 2020
Green Streets & Public Spaces

New sign. The Welcome to Lillooet at the bottom of the hill is small, dark and dimly lit.

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Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 27th Oct 2020

Sandy, perhaps update your idea to show a picture of the sign and indicate its location on the map

Betty Weaver on 7th Oct 2020

I like the sign. The ones on the hill behind it need to be removed; they appear to be abandoned.

Lori Smith on 6th Oct 2020

Sign could be enhanced by applying a few different colours of stain on the wood and plant some evergreen trees behind it.

Kim North on 5th Oct 2020

St’at’imc artwork on the bottom of the sign would be beautiful

paddy weston on 23rd Sep 2020

I like the sign, just need to add “Rugged” and brighten it up a bit.