admin by Eric T | 29 Oct 2020
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Open up Mills Rd between 5th and Resthaven to cyclists/ wheelchairs.


The problem is that the sharp corners make using this route to cut through between Resthaven and 5th impractical.  Simply removing the fence and making a ramp to the “sidewalk” would make this much easier to transit. The path is super narrow, so could be expanded in width at least till the driveway that goes off 5th street.

This is also a great place for Community Gardens. Under the power lines, it is unlikely to be used as a street so the space could be used more productively.

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Jamie Wellbourn on 3rd Feb 2021

I second this! That shortcut would be a perfect way to connect Mills to 5th but it’s not nearly accessible or all-use friendly enough as it is now.