admin by Les Lee | 16 Feb 2021
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Put a limit on densification and population growth in Sidney


Sidney has limited space, there is only so much land to build on. Currently, certain areas of Sidney are rapidly densifying without adequate infrastructure to support the population.  At some point we must say “enough” and slow the rate of growth.  There must be equitable access to housing for young families, renters, and decent transportation other than cars to allow people to get in and out of the Town. I doubt that anyone has looked at what sustainable growth is for the Town; it would be best to have a balance that maintains livability, with adequate infrastructure, and maintains the character of a small town. Sidney is in danger of becoming a suburb of Greater Vancouver with the current rapid densification, and will lose the character that attracts people here in the first place.   As one wise friend said to me, people come here because they love the place, and then they change it so it’s not recognizable.   I don’t see that anyone has a described a true “vision” of where Sidney will be in 40 years.

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Hi Les, thanks for your comment. A few thoughts:First off, I need to correct your statement that Sidney has inadequate infrastructure; Sidney actually has more than adequate infrastructure and was one of the first municipalities in BC to put in place a long-term financial plan for maintenance to ensure that it will be well taken care of and adequate well into the future. Our infrastructure has been extremely well managed for a long time, and is testament to successive Councils taking care to ensure it’s sustainable.We’ve heard from the community that housing and transportation options are important, and this OCP update is our opportunity to solidify our future approach to delivering in these areas.Sidney does its level best to maintain livability, and the reason we have so many people wanting to move here is because the Town has for a long time provided a very livable environment already. Our task, and the role of the OCP, is to make sure we stay livable. We’ve heard from residents so far in the project that we need more housing options, more greenspace and more options for walking and cycling. The OCP update will clearly articulate how the Town plans to deliver on these community needs.The OCP update will be an opportunity to articulate a new vision for Sidney; what would YOU suggest?Thanks again for the thoughtful comment.