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Re-instate the Library’s ‘commuter room’ for people who ride their bikes into the village.


“Are they actually going to finally use a bike storage-end-of-trip facility that was initially constructed for them a decade ago?When the present library was designed, an end-of-trip facility with numerous showers, lockers, and the option for bike storage was (part of the plan). It languished unused for years, sitting empty under the library until the decision was made to turn it in to a staff lunchroom.” ~ Jamie May

Whistler/Pemberton (letter to the editor, Pique Magazine, May 25, 2017)

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Dan Wilson on 29th May 2017

Secure storage would be great. Is there a way to leverage this $500 to make something happen? Maybe a cover for a bike rack in your neighbourhood or the village. The library space would likely need more than $500, so perhaps this idea could move forward onto a funding campaign.