admin by Eric T | 19 Oct 2020
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Re-route the Lochside bike path so it goes through Sidney on 5th/ Resthaven Drive.


The first problem with its current routing is that it doesn’t go past where businesses are nor where people live.  The second problem is that in its current location, it is not pleasant to ride on due to being super loud, from the highway noise,  and all the tree roots.

 Routing it  through town would make it accessible for people with mobility issues and also make it easier to maintain due to being on the street network.

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Jamie Wellbourn on 3rd Feb 2021

I agree with the sentiment, though it isn’t clear if you mean to remove the existing trail and replace with the new route or to add a second alternate route through Sidney.I would be in favour for an alternate route, but I wouldn’t agree with removing the existing one (though it should be upgraded to fix the tree root problem, especially south of Beacon. The current route is more direct (about 200 metres shorter than your proposed route) and connects West Sidney with schools.I agree with the rest of the idea though, bringing people through Sidney and closer to those who live nearer to the water would be good. Making 5th between Ocean & Beacon more cycling friendly would be great!