admin by Jules Jelev | 27 Feb 2018
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Relocate the railway yard West in front of Skeena Saw Mills; build an overpass at Kalum


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Valerie Parr on 11th Mar 2018

This would help bring people into the downtown and eliminate (hopefully) the need for a pedestrian overpass. Reducing CN’s footprint in the heart of our city would be a benefit.

Idea author Jules Jelev on 28th Feb 2018

Thanks Ken! I know the existing CN yard will fit in the proposed new location. If this move is at all possible, we will have a lot of benefits and I am sure future fatalities in this area will be reduced or prevented.
Ken Newman on 28th Feb 2018

I like the idea. But you’d have to convince CN to move. No small task. You’d still have a couple track it would just be a much narrower rail corridor through downtown. This would certainly be a benefit to the community. In the mid 1980s Lethbridge Alberta managed to convince the CPR to move their rail yard to the west of the City opening up more commercial development and creating better connections of the north and south sides of the city. However Lethbridge has the advantage of large tracks of flat land around the city.

Idea author Jules Jelev on 27th Feb 2018

The railway yard seems to be choking downtown Terrace. A few people died there as well in the past two years. It may be possible to relocate the yard West in front of Skeena Saw Mill and build a park on the freed space. Then build an overpass to join Kalum with HWY16 (two lanes only + a lane for pedestrians and bikers). This will also allow to extend the walking lane on the south side of HWY 16 (at Canadian Tire) go all the way East to teh new bridges at Ferry Island