admin by Theresa Wright | 14 Oct 2020
Sustainable Transportation

Repave the Lochside bike path thru Sidney so it is safe

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on 24th Jan 2021

Lochside Trail Bike path definitely needs more frequent maintenance!

Eric T on 19th Oct 2020

How about re-routing the Lochside bike path so it goes through places where people actually want to go, like along 5th street/ Resthaven? This way the bike path would be Town of Sidney responsibility and be easier to allocate resources towards. Besides that, the obvious advantage would be that the route would go past destinations such as residences and businesses- which are of more use to cyclists.

Idea author Theresa Wright on 14th Oct 2020

The numerous tree roots coming thru the pavement is a hazard. Also trim back the bushes at each access for safety entering and exiting the path.

David Calveley on 15th Oct 2020

I may be wrong but I suspect the Lochside is a CRD responsibility. Fully agree about the roots!