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Restrict parking on residential streets to one side of the road.

The roads in residential areas should be for driving, bike riding, walking etc. The roads are so jammed up with people parking it is sometimes dangerous to drive, have to pull over to let another car by as parking on both sides of the road don’t allow two cars to pass and when there are no sidewalks people walking or bike riding are put in danger. When vehicles are parked on the roads for months at a time in addition to being a hazard they are an eyesore. There has been an RV with people living in it parked by my house for extended periods of time totally blocking the site line from my driveway and making it dangerous to pull out. 

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Idea author Patricia Jarrett on 13th Jan 2021

I think that densification is a separate problem. While looking to purchase a home in 2019 one of my main priorities is that there would be enough parking for us. A lot of communities do not allow parking on the streets or restrict it to one side or for a period of time. A lot of communities do not allow parking boats, RV’s, motorhomes etc in residential areas. In the north end of Sidney there are quite a few townhouse developments with additional on street parking provided and you do not see a lot of build up of traffic, but the more mature areas are getting ridiculous. For example there is more than one house that has a huge boat taking up four spaces in their driveway, their RV parked on the road along with their three to four cars. Other times you drive down the road and both sides of the road are filled with cars and very few are in the driveway. I do not think that my road taxes should be spent so that I have to dodge pedestrians and their pets as there is no safe place for them to walk and for me to drive as people are clogging the roads with their vehicles. If it was just a dual income family parking one car on the road it would not be a problem. It is all the people who don’t use their driveways for their cars, or fill them up with boats etc that should not be there.

Eric T on 31st Jan 2021

Yours is not the only post on this site that has to do with parking in residential areas.  Lets face it  Street parking is the most convenient place to park a car. With restrictions on the amount of land that you are allowed to dedicate to parking in a front yard, most developers put it on the side or even in the back (Malaview). So folks park on the street. This is why parking benefit Neighbourhoods PBN or Parking benefit Districts as they are also known make sense for managing parking in a neighbourhood. The  Municipality is off the hook for policing it, the price of it is determined by the the residents and most importantly, any funds generated get spent where the residents want as well as it being a great way to get to know your neighbours.

Prentice Whitaker on 12th Jan 2021

This is a terrible idea. With the densification of the local area, parking is going to be at a premium, especially when all of the new condos only provide one parking space.Like it or not, Sidney is changing and people need to change with it.  A dual income family that lives in Sidney and works in Victoria needs that extra parking spot on the street.

Eric T on 15th Nov 2020

Sounds like a great reason to have a parking benefit neighbourhood!  The reasons why people park on the street for long periods of time are because ( despite Sidney having a 24 hr max parking time limit) the bylaws are not enforced and, it is more convenient than parking  on ones own property. If it is more convenient and the town is subsidizing people parking on the street by providing the pavement,  should it not be priced to encourage turnover? Check out this article here:–pbn-