admin by Annilee Armstrong | 29 Jan 2021

Rethink street parking on streets like Mills, Siddall and Henry.


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Cherie Maclure on 27th Feb 2021

Parking needs to be addressed on Siddall. It is very dangerous before and after school. Too many cars parked on both sides of the street. Only one side of the road should allow on street parking.

Viv Harding on 1st Feb 2021

I would like to see the Town implement parking on one side of the street only on all of the Streets in Sidney. THe new buildings that are being constructed do not have enough parking available to the  residents or they choose not to use what is available. Parking on both sides of some of our narrower streets make it extremely dangerous for drivers and pedestrians and often cars coming towards each other cannot pass. 

Eric T on 4th Feb 2021

I would agree with this. The streets were not built wide enough for parking on both sides of the street. Besides, streets are public places that are platforms for building community wealth and generally thought of as being for the movement of people and goods, not for private storage places.  We definitely need to restrict parking.

Eric T on 30th Jan 2021

 This is a great idea!   Sounds like an area where a Parking Benefit Neighbourhood would be a good thing.  The town does its residents a great disservice by providing but not pricing on street parking or by not even requiring drivers to register their vehicles.  I understand why they have chosen this course, but it is still wrong.  See my article on Parking Benefit Neighbourhoods for more information.–pbn-

Idea author Annilee Armstrong on 29th Jan 2021

These streets are flat out dangerous when cars are parked on both sides with vehicles still driving in both directions – especially during before and after school hours. Large vehicles parked on both sides mean that people have to walk out into the crosswalk to see if there are vehicles coming.