admin by Kim North | 11 Sep 2020
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Revitalize Main Street – take out two lanes, convert to pedestrian plaza & bike lane. Park at rear.

Take out two lanes on Main Street (they are dangerous especially at the crosswalk).  Widen the pathways, add a bike lane.  Install functioning parking lots behind businesses.  Open up the businesses facing the Fraser River to the  view, with nice entrances and water-wise, shady parking.   

And if you wanted to think big, you could have Main Street become a plaza with seating and green spaces, and move the highway to Fraserview Street and Russell Lane.  This obviously would be hard to do as it would require purchasing lots and/or turning those lots into commercial spaces with setbacks.  This would tie the whole downtown together as a commercial space with locally-run unique businesses the focus. If we make our town beautiful, creative people will come!

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Ed Nichol on 12th Sep 2020

It is still a Provincial Highway with many Heavy Industrial trucks. If you follow one of the trucks you will see that we need a real road for them. Once upon a time a river by-pass was started and stalled. Any down town solution is not in retail but in residential. Two hundred residential units would create enough year around business to support downtown revitalization. There is room.

Jen Leach on 12th Sep 2020

One of my favorite downtown that have good pedestrian flow is the Benard Ave revitalization in downtown Kelowna. City Planners took a lot of different area into consideration, including art, flora, walking/cycling/vehicle traffic. The out come slowed people down turning the street into a area to mini destination (with okanagan lake near by helping) which in turn help the business sector located in the area. A larger paid parking lot hidden off the main street was built in to help accommodate the parking that was taken away. Obviously a much larger prohect than Lillooet could ever do but great inspiration and pointa to drawn from.