admin by David VS Wayblaze | 9 Apr 2020
Local Business, Economic Development

Set up an e-commerce store and offer in-store pickup or delivery


For retail stores that have been forced to close their doors to due social distancing orders, a great way to recoup some of those revenues is to set up online store through Shopify, Squarespace,  or other user-friendly platforms and then let customers know that they can order online for in-store pick up or even home delivery if you can arrange it.   Some e-commerce platforms allow you to launch a basic site for a free trial period and then charge low monthly fees of less than $50/month.

To help improve your cash flow while you are developing your online store, you could run a quick rewards crowdfunding campaign where you invite your customers to purchase gift cards of varying amounts that they can redeem once your regular store is back in operation.  Of course, Wayblaze can help you with this.   Generally, we recommend offering gift cards of various amounts with a slightly large discount for higher value gift cards (e.g. a $100 gift card could be redeemed for $107 worth of products or services, whereas a $200 gift card would be redeemed for $225).

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