admin by Kevin Taylor | 21 Sep 2020

Should we keep all of our commercial zoning? Or would another use be better here?


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Shawn Merke on 16th Nov 2020

Three or four story apartment building with commercial space at ground level.

Dawn Mortensen on 4th Nov 2020

Change this area to RM

Betty Weaver on 7th Oct 2020

Mid-income level rental apartments appear to be in short supply in Lillooet. Could this space be developed as a 2 – 3 story apartment block.

Kim North on 5th Oct 2020

Locally owned store downstairs and housing upstairs. Tear down this eyesore and build better.

Kelly Bond on 22nd Sep 2020

Seniors housing is desperately needed. How about a complex of 6 or 7 homes.

Ed Nichol on 21st Sep 2020

Commercial will never be the same economic driver as thirty years ago. We are simply a few decades behind thousands of American examples who allowed the main shopping area to leave the core. The solution in many towns is to develope as much residential as possible horizontially and vertically in the core since the area is already fully serviced and affordable.