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Slow down on this mass development and deal with the much needed infrastructure. Traffic,parking


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Les Lee on 16th Feb 2021

agreed, development without infrastructure is Chaos.  We need decent public transit, it takes far to long to get to the airport and downtown.  Densifying without a way to get out of Sidney means so many more cars on the highway.  There is already a parking nightmare in Sidney.

Eric T on 24th Jan 2021

Just wondering how you believe infrastructure is paid for?  Development and the increase in property taxes  that accompany development is how municipalities receive the money to invest in infrastructure. Infill development is especially favoured because it makes better use of the space and infrastructure that currently exists.Right now the town, like many municipalities across North America, is attempting to replace the water and sewer infrastructure  which is far more expensive as well as important than dealing with traffic and parking. Publicly available parking is one of those things that the municipality provided back in the days when the car was the thing that was going to save our places. As it turns out, the opposite is true. The car is damaging to places like Sidney by forcing development to be spread out  which adds to the number of kilometres of pipe that need to be provided. Forced provision of parking makes things more difficult to access by foot or bicycle, adds to storm water runoff, undercuts the ability of private property owners to earn income and adds to the infrastructure that the town is obliged to maintain.Traffic is actually an indicator of a successful place. There are no traffic problems in dead places such as Zeballos or other really small communities that do not have active local economies.