admin by Viv Harding | 1 Feb 2021

Stop building over 4 Storey Buildings

The recent ongoing construction of the 3 High Rises on the corner of 3rd.Street and Sidney Avenue are so overpowering and take away all of the light. This should never have been allowed by the previous Council and Staff. A four storey building with some appropriate set backs would have been far better suited than the monstrosities that are now here for decades. Stop ruining our Town.

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Les Lee on 16th Feb 2021

The original OCP restricted buildings to 4 stories in height.  Now we have a wind tunnel on Beacon avenue and more condos are being built greater than 4 stories.  It appears that Council can approve developments without regard for the OCP.  In order to maintain the character of a town as opposed to a suburban city it would be best to keep the height restriction

Eric T on 4th Feb 2021

I disagree, I think these buildings are good for our town. With residents living there, our retailers will not be as dependent on out of town folks for their income, the area will become more secure due to more eyes on the street, and our streets will become lively places. Better than the dead streets that Sidney has had in the past.   

Les Lee on 16th Feb 2021

Sidney does not have the infrastructure to support the high density that is being built in the town centre.  It is already impossible to find parking and the streets are congested with traffic. There is poor bus service to downtown. Beacon avenue is a wind tunnel already.  Density without proper planning is simply chaos

Eric T on 16th Feb 2021

Again, I disagree that chaos will ensue.  Signs of lively, successful places are congested traffic and lack of parking.  Consider the opposite, the moon, Fukushima Japan or Chernobyl Ukraine are dead places. As for Beacon being a wind tunnel, I don’t find this to be the case as there is good sunlight along the north side of the street and welcome shade (in the summer) on the south side of the street.  I will totally agree with you about the lack of bus service within Sidney, but this is a function of the amount of money that is spent subsidizing auto travel and the bare bones funding that public transit gets. Perhaps a solution is to price parking in Sidney and use the funds raised to fund public transit improvements. This deals with two problems at the same time. Pricing parking will open up spaces since as you are indicating the price for parking is clearly too low since it is overused ( we should be aiming for an 85% occupancy rate, preferably using demand based pricing) and it will also improve the transit service since BC transit will have more funding.