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Stop parking on both sides of a Street


The parking in Sidney has gone beyond a joke and with all of the new construction of Apartments and Townhouses it has increased the on street parking. My suggestion would be to limit  on all Streets in Sidney parking only on one side of the Street. 3rd. Street and Henry Street are 2 prime examples where parking on both sides of the Street does not allow 2 vehicles to pass each other. The new buildings do not provide enough parking for the residents who often have 2 cars or they chooses not to use what is available.

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Eric T on 9th Feb 2021

So why do we not price parking in Sidney? Clearly the price is too low if it is being overused. Think of it as a commons. The on street spaces are more convenient than off street spaces, and the off street spaces make housing less affordable as well as a host of other negative effects. The problems with Sidney streets are that there is too little enforcement of parking. We only have 1 bylaw enforcement person as well as a contract worth ~$45K/year for downtown daytime time limit enforcement, which I might add, car drivers do not contribute to directly- unless they violate it. This is paid for by Sidney tax payers, whether they drive or not. This is a great opportunity for a Parking Benefit Neighbourhood PBN where community members can benefit from properly managed parking in their neighbourhoods.
To read more about PBNs see the following articles.–pbn-