admin by EDWARD PORTER | 17 Jan 2018

Take me to the river!


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Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 19th Jan 2018

Edward, this is intriguing but please tell me more
Idea author EDWARD PORTER on 19th Jan 2018

…just thinking: some of the most successful downtown revitalizations have (at their core) re-considered connections to the big, natural and dynamic forces that have shaped those places. The Old Bridge crossing of the Skeena is a powerful-cool thing in Terrace… and having an opportunity to physically/visually/psychologically connect the downtown to the river would be an interesting idea to explore IMO!

Pikiora Wylie on 12th Feb 2018

Love this idea, Lake Taupo in New Zealand have done this with their lake, connected town with a walking track. Its a beautiful way to highlight natural scenery and encourage people to get out and about. Here’s more info on the Taupo Lions walk. I am genuinely surprised at the lack of river access, walkways, photo stops, labels outlining the size, length, history of the River. It is a magnificent river just beautiful but if you are not local it can be difficult to find a way to safely access, particularly with small children.
Rob Barrs Wayblaze on 19th Jan 2018

Thanks for the clarification