admin by Richard FitzZaland | 1 Oct 2020
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The downtown core should have sidewalk level retail space and food services in all buildings

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Having large stretches of sidewalk with no retail stores or food services kills a whole block.  The building on third street behind the Royal Bank is a good example.  It was built with street level parking and a very small space dedicated to business.  And its so small that the business is only a show room for which you have to make appointments.  The effect is that half of the block on the west side of the street is dead to pedestrian activity.  If the new buildings being built on that block have enough ground floor retail and food services, it will help.  But this mistake should not be made again, and should be corrected in the future.  Businesses in Sidney will do better, and the downtown will be more attractive and active if there are not dead spaces.

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