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The sea walk should be accessible at both ends and often in between by wheelchairs.

When the sea walk was originally build it was intended that it would incrementally extend to Roberts Bay.  Any redevelopment of current properties were supposed to include provision for extension of the sea walk so that over the years it would eventually extend towards Roberts Bay and provide more access to the ocean front to everyone, not just a privilaged few.   When the property at the northern terminus (near Third and Henry) was redeveloped a couple years ago they were allowed to fill in the foreshore.  The foreshore belongs to the public and thus should not have been filled in to extend private property.  If it was filled in, it should have been used, as public land, to extend the sea walk.  That did not happen, and access to this public land was blocked by a fence.  We should return to the original idea and begin extending this sea walk.  And as we do, we should create wheelchair accessible  links to nearby sidewalks and roads.  As it is, my son in a wheelchair has to go from our home on Shoreacres Road to downtown where he can access the sea walk at Port Sidney.  On his return, he cannot go past Port Sidney because there are only stair connectors between the sea walk and the sidewalks and streets.  People in wheelchairs and scooters should have more access to the waterfront. 

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That’s a great point Richard. While OCPs generally don’t get this project-specific, this idea could be included in the OCP as a general policy ensuring that all Town infrastructure is accessible going forward (although actually we do this already, where possible!) You could also write to the Town about this specific issue.