admin by KJ Erdem | 15 Jan 2021

Upgrade the path from Mermaid Park to Roberts Bay as well as stop the erosion along the creek.


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Jocelyn Gifford on 18th Jan 2021

I agree that the erosion of the bank needs attention urgently, especially because this year’s high tides and strong flows coming from the storm drains into the creek are the heaviest some residents remember. I am not sure whether it is best to improve the path (install a boardwalk?) or seriously prevent people from walking there. The decision should be guided by what is best for the stream banks and environment there. Mermaid Creek is incredibly important to Roberts Bay not only because of the birds and other wildlife that rely on the brushy, treed area, but also because the estuary is an important spawning area for small forage fish that feed the birds in the Roberts Bay Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  Mermaid Creek has been somewhat contaminated in the past, with the Town unable to find the source. I haven’t heard anything about this recently. I really want Mermaid Creek and park to have high priority for a plan for protection and remediation.

Idea author KJ Erdem on 15th Jan 2021

A kind hearted volunteer(s?) hack back the blackberry bushes to make the walk passable.