admin by Kevin Taylor | 21 Sep 2020

We have a grocery store. What else do we need? BRAINSTORM!

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Shawn Merke on 16th Nov 2020

Indoor playgroundtrampoline gym, dance studio, laser tag, pool/ping pong tables.

paddy weston on 26th Oct 2020

Great location for an Artist Co-op. Artists could work, sell each others creations, mentor each other and encourage budding artists and crafters. Create a pleasant and attractive place for locals to visit, it could/would be another attraction for visitors and economic opportunity for many of our creative citizens.

Erik Bertram on 21st Oct 2020

I like the suggestions of a community connect hub. In conjunction with that, it could host a small tool library for use by everyone in town.

Betty Weaver on 7th Oct 2020

Redevelop the lot as rental housing complex.

Kim North on 5th Oct 2020

Community Connect HUB! Easy for people to access services, Small Business Innovation Hub and MakerSpace included with an artist-in-residence program and art/natural history gallery. Good place to engage tourists as well as our community.

Lynda Sampson on 27th Oct 2020

I love the community connect hub idea.

Christina Timms on 1st Oct 2020

A Community Connect HUB – where office space, meeting space, and services are offered to non-profit organizations. And where local artists can collectively show and sell their work – (would be great for tourism too!).

Kelly Bond on 22nd Sep 2020

Bowling alley, paintball arena, activities for teens