admin by Jocelyn Gifford | 18 Jan 2021
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West Sidney – involve residents in redesigning their neighbourhood. Next step in LAP.


The  Local Area Plan envisaged a revitalized mixed use residential area with some commercial, light industrial  eg. craft brewery. and multi-family, multi-storey buildings, sidewalks and shared pedestrian / very low traffic vehicle streets, plus a new approach to Galaran Road.   The Town has done a few things, like upgrading the park and the trail along the highway  and meeting with residents to explain the challenges and options re putting a sidewalk along Galaran. But the only redevelopment proposal I am aware of was stopped because there was no detailed plan for the neighbourhood. I would really like to see residents engaged in creating that plan so that investment could come to the neighbourhood.  West Sidney has traditionally not had the level of services, planning and infrastructure that is  found east of the highway or in the Greenglade neighbourhood.  The OCP Update must change this so that West Sidney is no longer the overlooked neighbourhood in our town.

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