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What are your thoughts for this lot?


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Betty Weaver on 7th Oct 2020

This lot is large enough for mixed housing, some small homes, some apartments. Families can live next door to seniors.

Lori Smith on 6th Oct 2020

Patio homes suitable for seniors, ie – small ranchers – like a gated community without the gate.

Kim North on 5th Oct 2020

Green built townhouses for families, with green spaces included

Kelly Bond on 22nd Sep 2020

Write a letter to the district questioning why this vacant lot remains vacant without development. in the past there was a clause that the owner must develop the property within two years or sell it back to the town. Lillooet is in need of housing.

Niomi Wright on 21st Sep 2020

This could be a great place for an apartment building. Lillooet needs to address the rental problem if thet want any community growth in the next 20 years.

Idea author Kevin Taylor on 21st Sep 2020

This is the property at the corner of Main and Mountain View