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What sort of uses should we promote in our Downtown?


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Betty Weaver on 7th Oct 2020

Combination of two story buildings, small store fronts and second floor apartments to create a compact, walk-able, interesting down town core.

Kim North on 5th Oct 2020

Build a link between this space and the green space across the road, and leading up to Miyazah House. Build a covered pavilion (like in Pemberton) to house community events and continue the Farmers Market (longer or different hours would be possible due to the shade). This could also be used as a few storefronts with housing above …. the Community Connect HUB idea could go here on the bottom floor, with housing above …. with gardens in front. Lytton did an awesome job when they built the Health Centre on their Main Street. Nicer and wider walkways and lighting (take out two lanes on Main Street).

Carmen Langdon on 21st Oct 2020

Hey Kim. We hoped to develop these lots to provide commercial/mixed use on the front and housing above and in the back. We want to include 20% of the housing to below market rent. Maybe we should chat?