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Youth and Elders Cultural Training Camp for Secwepemc People

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The teaching of the Youth by the Elders, for berry picking, herb harvesting, medicine preparation, cultural norms and ceremonies, traditional housing construction and maintenance, protection of the water, land, plants, animals, fish, birds; the honoring of all animals, the offerings to the plant kingdom, sharing of food and resources; making tools, snares, hunting supplies, clothing, fishing gear, limitation of use of modern technology, renewable energy, waste management, dis-engagement of Western Culture and its associated problems. Traditional Secwepemc farming practices, harvesting practices, food and hides preservation and preparation; personal hygiene with natural methods, year-round weather protection. Traditional Economic System without introduction of Modern Currencies.

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Idea author Stephen Palmer on 10th Apr 2017

Non-Equity Crowdfunding for needed equipment to get started would be 78,000 CAD