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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all sectors of society, but Canadian small businesses and social enterprises have been hit particularly hard. Many local businesses will not survive unless they can quickly access the funds they need to cover their expenses and adapt to unprecedented challenges. We are in danger of losing many of our beloved local businesses and the livelihoods that go with them, unless we collectively pull together to Save Our Shops.

Through this initiative, we are offering local businesses 0% fee crowdfunding campaigns, a free listing to let their community know they are open for business, and access to additional funds through the Canadian Small Business Relief Bond.

Canadian small businesses and social enterprises are vital to the Canadian economy, and they need your help more than ever. We’re calling upon Canadians everywhere to discover and support local businesses in their community by choosing one of the options above and helping us save a local enterprise today!

Together, we will Save Our Shops!